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Shelton Family Pizza Home

Pizza Party Welcome to Shelton Family Pizza After 26 years of experience in the pizza industry, Shelton Family understands what it takes to create a premium frozen pizza. Our pizzas are made with real Hormel meats and generously covered with 100% real Wisconsin Cheese that delivers a golden finish that signifies quality that only a pizza handmade in the Northland can provide.

Our Pizzas

frozen pizza We offer nine varieties of 12" family size pizzas Traditional favorites like Pepperoni and spicy Italian Sausage, plus our exciting specialty pizzas like Garlic Chicken Alfredo and BBQ Chicken Flatbread.
Where to Buy
Shelton Family Pizza Retailers You will find Shelton Family Pizzas available at convenience stores and grocery stores throughout the Northland.



Pizza is great food! Brought to the Northland by Italian immigrants, made fresh for dinner and folded in half for the next day's lunchbox, it was a complete and balanced meal that fueled hard working families and helped children grow up big and strong.

pizza When you create a pizza using only the finest ingredients and specially blended 100% Real cheese, the quality shines through. Our balanced variety means you can choose from many taste sensations to please your palate.

To enjoy a meal that is not only part of our traditional heritage, but also modern and lively, pick up a Shelton Family Pizza today.